About Joanna

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My name is Joanna, I’m a wife and a mother to an awesome little boy named Jacob. I’ve had a passion for photography for many years. It wasn’t until my son Jacob was born on January 25th, 2008 that I really started thinking about pursuing my passion for photography that I’ve always had all along. When my precious bundle of joy arrived, I didn’t want to miss a moment, a memory, of his life, he is our miracle baby that took us over two years to conceive. The first year of motherhood can be tough, causing you to have to put your passions aside momentarily. By January 2009, things became easier as a mother, my son was this happy, energetic, soon to be toddler, at his first birthday I tried to capture this treasured celebration with my olympus point and shoot camera. After reviewing the photo’s, I was very disappointed in them, blurry, missed shots, etc. At this point I told myself I was ready to pursue my dream, I didn’t want to miss another beautiful occasion such as this, I was on a misson….

I started by selling odds and ends to save up for my first DSLR. After 5 months of saving and researching the pros and cons of each camera model out there, I was ready to purchase my camera. In early May 2009 I purchased my precious Nikon D90. After much reasearch and studying of photograhy, I started to jump right into doing free shoots for people. I have amazed myself over time, how my photography has grown, how much I’ve learned. I feel I have this natural ability to take in the beauty of photography, listen, anaylze, and then put into action great works of art, I have no doubt this is what I was meant to do with my life. This is all still a learning process, as I feel every photographer has one more thing to learn. As of February 2011 I have upgraded to my long awaited full frame Nikon D700 that I believe is going to take my photography to yet another level. I look forward to what the future holds, and until then I will continue to dream big and pursue my passion…..

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