Bridal boudoir session | Home studio | Marietta, GA

This was my first boudoir session after coming off my year long break due to having twins, she was a complete natural beauty and I honestly did not have to do much to these pictures for her to just look radiant! I really enjoyed this session, I got to try out my new spare bedroom since my twins occupy the old spare bedroom I used to do these sessions in, the new room is so much better and allows for so much more natural light. This session was done for my clients husband to be for their wedding day, I wish you all the luck in your new marriage, many blessings to you!

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Danielle Boudoir Session | In home studio | Marietta, GA

This is Danielle, she came to me for a boudoir session for her husband to be, she was going to give him a boudoir book as his wedding gift. We did a bit of a bridal theme as well as incorporated the military into her shoot as her husband serves in the military. Thank you for coming in for a shoot Daneille, I hope you had a wonderful wedding and that your husband enjoyed his wedding day gift!


Veronica Boudoir Session | In home studio | Marietta, GA

This is Veronica, she proudly serves in the military as well as her husband. She wanted to do a little something special for her husband so she decided to come in for a boudoir session, I am sure he was quite happy. Thank you for coming in for a session Veronica, I hope your husband loved his gift.


Ms. Mary’s boudoir session, in home in Marietta, GA

This is Ms. Mary, the final chapter in my weekend of boudoir sessions. Ms. Mary was a total natural, she used to do modeling so I didn’t have to give a whole lot of direction to her, she just did her thing and did it well. She is absolutely stunning and the camera adored her. Thank you Ms. Mary for coming and being a part of my boudoir sessions, you did awesome!


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